About us

MPR Publishing House Ltd. operates in the publishing field on behalf of the fishery sector in Poland and abroad. Since 1997 we have published Fish Industry Magazine, the most popular periodical for the fish processing, fish trade, fishery and aquaculture industries. Our publications are supplemented by fish charts presenting freshwater and saltwater fish as well as seafood. We also offer non-periodical publishing such as dictionaries, phone directories for the fishery industry, studies and market reports.

For many years our operations have included preparation of custom reports on consumer preferences, studies of fish product retail sales and foreign trade data analysis.

For our readers and clients, we gather information from around the world, not only using the Internet but also participating in many important domestic and foreign events. Every year our employees participate in several trade fairs, conferences and training programmes to keep up to date with what’s going on in the fishery sector.

We are a family firm based on family values and principles. Our editorial office is like a second home for our employees, not a place for fierce competition. We highly value long-term cooperation and proven partners – printers, authors and graphic artists. We also pride ourselves on our long-term cooperation with several of the most important Fish Industry Magazine advertisers. We are proud to maintain friendly relations with many of our co-workers and contractors.